Dubai Al Quoz


This impressive 15,000 square foot indoor arena offering adrenaline-fuelled excitement is filled with brand new activities and features which have never been seen before in Dubai.


Calling all contenders! Have you got what it takes to conquer our warrior assault? Challenge your friends while you test your balance, strength, speed and agility. With numerous demanding activities this is anything but a walk in the park!


You better be ready to jump over and duck under (or do whatever) to avoid being struck by the cushioned rotating arm as speed slowly increases or risk being wiped out! This is one of our most popular attractions and requires both stamina and precision as well as an eye of an eagle. Will you stand the test of time and be the last man standing? There can only be one winner….


Enter into this immersive environment of a new arcade style laser tag arena. This high-tech interactive game comprises lasers, mirrors, haze, effects and unique themes. Remember the Mission Impossible diamond heist?
Well it’s time for you to play the part of Ethan Hunt if you choose to accept!!


Surrender to gravity which will determine your speed and get ready to fly. Zipzag comprises an exhilarating and sensational flight of twists, turns, spins and being thrown around bends. Time to discover your wings!