Get Active

Inflatable Arena

Inflatables are a rare sight! Now Imagine a place with 15000 Sq.ft of inflatables just for You! Channel your inner kid at our incredible inflatable arena, peppered with amazing attraction! Or better still, join your young ones and share experiences that will last a lifetime! The Inflatable Arena is as challenging as you make it! You can go hardcore at the Olympic Run, or have a last man standing at the Meltdown. If you are up to the challenge, run through the Bash up Forest & if you just wanna have fun, just jump around! The Inflatable Arena is happiness like never before.

Warrior Assault

Dubai's first indoor warrior assault course! An excellent motor skills development platform for the little ninjas! Pair up and compare your times! Burn your calories as fast as you consume them, at our café of course!


Redb..Nah! Zip-Zag gives you wings! Surrender to gravity and fulfil your dream of flying like a superhero! Zip Zag is exhilarating attraction with twists & turns as you zip above the park! Once is never enough!

Lazer Frenzy

Fastest tagger wins! Enter a whole new world of arcade style laser arena! This highly interactive room consists of mirrors, lasers, haze and uniquegames that you can play! So, gonna be here for a couple of days yea?

Toddler Zones

For the little ones with energy levels over 9000, toddlers need to spend their energy somewhere right? Till the time they learn the Kamehameha, we have a seperate inflatable park for toddlers to get jiggy with it, along with a mini warrior assault course to boot!