Abu Dhabi Zones


This impressive 15,000 square foot indoor arena offering adrenaline-fuelled excitement is filled with brand new activities and features which have never been seen before in Abu Dhabi. Designed for both kids and adults of just about anyone, of any age, shape and physical ability, get your socks on and be ready to have an unrivalled bouncing fun experience.


Calling all contenders! Have you got what it takes to conquer our warrior assault? Challenge your friends while you test your balance, strength, speed and agility. With numerous demanding activities this is anything but a walk in the park!


Designed for children under 95cm your energetic toddlers can run, jump, climb, slide and participate in this fully equipped mini warrior assault course.

Ninja Warrior

Gift your inner Ninja Warrior enthusiast with a dramatic, heart-pumping, spectator-pleasing entrance and exit. The sport of Ninja is quickly becoming the most fun and creative way to meet the physical needs of today’s youth! With numerous carefully selected and designed obstacles skills will include jumping, climbing swinging, traversing and blancing all of which improve strength, endurance, coordination, flexibility, agility and balance….It time to earn your bragging rights


Surrender to gravity which will determine your speed and get ready to fly. Zipzag comprises an exhilarating and sensational flight of twists, turns, spins and being thrown around bends. Time to discover your wings!

Multi sports Arena

Our huge sports arena guarantees kids (and adults if you are up for it) hours of fun, play and sweat! Designed to incorporate a variety of sports activities the only decision you need to make is whether today will be basketball, football or volleyball. Whether you are young or old we guarantee a wonderful experience, a memorable day and a loss of calories!


You better be ready to jump over and duck under (or do whatever) to avoid being struck by the cushioned rotating arm as speed slowly increases or risk being wiped out! This is one of our most popular attractions and requires both stamina and precision as well as an eye of an eagle. Will you stand the test of time and be the last man standing?  There can only be one winner….

Donut Ride

this two lane donut slide is guaranteed to give a fast, fun and exhilarating ride that’s totally new to Air Maniax! Get ready to allow gravity to make you slide and spin!